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Study MBBS In Georgia

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About Georgia

Georgia is a European country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia. This country shares its borders with the Black Sea in the west, Russia in the north, Turkey and Armenia in the south and Azerbaijan in the Southeast. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi is known for its diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets. The major area of the country is covered with mountains.

The Likhi Range divides the country into eastern and western halves. The eastern part of Georgia faces hot summers and cold winters while the climate in the western part is influenced by elevation.

Georgia is a member of the Council of Europe, OSCE, and Euro control. It is also a part of the European Union's Free Trade Area since 2014.  Georgia has shown a commendable growth from a near-failed state in 2003  to a relatively well-functioning market economy in 2014.  Georgia has also been named as the World's number one economic reformer by the World Bank.

Georgia has maintained good relations with its neighbors and is a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Community of Democratic Choice, the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development, and the Asian Development Bank.

MBBS In Georgia

Georgia has successfully achieved 100% of literacy and is considered to be the best place for studying medicine in the world. The medical universities of Georgia are the premium and the best option for any student who wants to study MBBS abroad.

The admission process for studying in Medical College in Georgia is very simple and hassle-free. Students are not required to take any entrance test. The admission is done on the basis of the marks obtained in class  12th. After completing your  MBBS from Georgia, you can directly apply for a screening test to get a license to practice. Medical universities and colleges in Georgia offer rich quality education at an affordable cost as compared to other foreign countries. The facilities and infrastructure provided to the students are world-class.

The medical universities of Georgia have got worldwide recognition and offer a high standard of infrastructure and education. The medical universities of Georgia are recognized by MCI and WHO. The students obtaining MBBS from Georgia are eligible to work on any part of the world.

Why MBBS In Georgia? Georgia has become a hot destination for students from around the world who want to pursue MBBS abroad.

1. The medical universities of Georgia are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India (MCI).

2. The MBBS degree from the medical colleges of Georgia is globally accepted.

3. The students are allowed to participate in international conferences and seminars which helps them in gaining more knowledge and experience.

4. The students in Georgia get sufficient discounts on travel within the country.

5. The top medical colleges of Georgia offer world-class education with high outstanding staff.

6. The cost of the complete course of MBBS in Georgia very low compared to other countries.

Benefits of MBBS from Georgia

1. The MBBS and MD degrees from medical colleges in Georgia are acknowledged by international bodies like the World Health Organization and UNESCO.

. Students pursuing their MBBS in Georgia are given a chance to get an internship in some of the best multinational companies in the world within the country itself.

3. No entrance test is required for admission which makes the admission process much easier.

4. Students are given the opportunity to do the practicals, experiments and clinical rounds to improve their skills in a better way.

5. The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology.

6. The quality of accommodation is very good and comparable to other developed countries.

Georgia Migration

Residence permit and residence card


Residence permit authorizes the right of a foreign citizen to enter and stay in Georgia or transit the territory of Georgia during the term of validity of residence permit. It also authorizes a holder to invite another foreigner to Georgia.

To obtain a residence permit, a foreign citizen must either personally or via authorized representative apply to any territorial office of the Public Service development agency, branch of the Public Service Hall or Community Centre, or apply online via the distance service of the Public Service development agency: an application and enclosed documents submitted to authorized entities must be in Georgian. However, an application completed in English and/or Russian may also be processed. moreover, a foreign citizen’s passport may be submitted to the Public Service development agency without a Georgian translation if the personal data in the passport is provided in Latin transliteration (alphabet).

Georgia issues the following residence permits:

  • The work residence permit is issued to persons coming to Georgia for entrepreneurial or labor activities as well as to freelancers;
  • The study residence permit is issued to persons coming to Georgia to study at authorized educational institutions;
  • Residence permit for family reunification is issued to family members of a foreigner holding a residence permit and/or the person who has been granted a status of stateless person in Georgia. Family members include: a spouse, child, and a parent, also an underage or incapacitated person being fully dependent and/or being under their care (guardianship);
  • Residence permit of a former citizen of Georgia is issued to a foreign citizen whose Georgian citizenship has been terminated;
  • Residence permit of a stateless person is issued to a person whose status of a stateless person has been established in Georgia;
  • The special residence permit is issued to a foreign citizen who, based on reasonable doubt, might be a victim of human trafficking. Such instances are specified in the Law of Georgia on Combating Human trafficking. a special residence permit is also issued to a foreign citizen who has written endorsement from a member of the government of Georgia, asking to issue a temporary residence permit to the person. it can also be issued to a foreigner subject to expulsion, after 5 years since he/ she was granted the right of temporary stay, and to the citizen of a foreign country who has a status of Compatriot residing abroad;
  • The permanent residence permit is issued to a spouse, parent, and child of a citizen of Georgia; also to a foreign citizen who, holding a temporary residence permit, has resided in Georgia during the preceding six years. if the person lived in Georgia for educational purposes or medical treatment or spent some time working at the diplomatic mission or at an equivalent representative office, this period cannot be counted towards the pre-requisite six-year term;
  • An investment residence permit is issued to a foreign citizen who invested at least Gel 300 000 in Georgia. this provision is prescribed in the Law of Georgia on Promotion and Guarantees of investment. in such cases, residence permits are also issued to the investor’s family members, which include a spouse, underage dependent and/or fully dependent incapacitated person;
  • The temporary residence permit is issued to a foreigner, who according to the Law of Georgia on the elimination of Domestic Violence, Protection of and Support to its Victims, has been recognized as a victim of domestic violence;
  • A short-term residence permit is issued to the person – and his/her family members – who, according to the rule established by Georgian legislation have the right to immovable property (except for agricultural land), with the market price above USD 35 000 equivalent in Gel.

A foreigner legally staying in Georgia and having any of the above-listed residence permits, has the right to receive the other type of residence permit in case he/she meets the requirements set for receiving the latter.

The study, work, family reunification, special, temporary, and short-term residence permits as well as residence permits for former citizens of Georgia or stateless persons are issued with the right of temporary residence, for 6 years. these types of residence permits are issued for the term ranging from six months to one year first and may be extended thereafter for the term of up to 5 years.

Investment residence permit, permanent residence permit, and residence permit of stateless persons are issued for an indefinite term. a residence permit of a stateless person is issued for an indefinite term only to those persons whose Georgian citizenship has been terminated through renunciation, or to persons who had permanently resided in Georgia by 31 march 1993, were not recognized as citizens of Georgia and after 31 march 1993 maintained their permanent registration in Georgia.

A residence permit is issued by the Public Service development agency within 30 days after receiving a complete set of required documents. However, the permits can be issued in an accelerated manner; for detailed information on the fast-track service visit us.

The Public Service development agency issues an e-residence card to a foreigner who holds a residence permit in Georgia. the residence card is an identity document certifying the identity of a foreigner living in Georgia, his/her citizenship, and a place of his/her residence in Georgia.


Russia Migration

Migration card

This small form has to be completed (in English or Russian) in duplicate before you go through Russian passport control. At major airports, this process is now handled automatically for you and you will be handed a printed stamped migration card at passport control. If you are entering Russia by train, then you will be provided with a migration card by the conductor before you reach the border. Otherwise, you will be able to find migration cards in stands in the waiting halls for passport control at border points.

The form for migrations cards is fairly self-explanatory. The "Address (host organization) in Russia" is the address of the organization that issues your visa support documents. For example, if you book accommodation and order your visa support through this site, then the address will be Saint-Petersburg.Com, Inc., 154, Prospekt Engelsa, St. Petersburg.

When you present your migration card at passport control it will be stamped and one half will be returned to you. You must retain this during your trip and submit it at passport control when you leave the country. As will all other travel documents, we strongly recommend that you make photocopies of your migration card in case of an emergency.